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TO SUMMON ANGELS: the metaphysical

1 rating: 5.0
A book by Michaela Sefler

To Summon Angels Michaela Sefler Reviewed by Dr. Tami Brady The spiritual journey, the path to self, opening to the great unknown, connecting to God... Whatever you call it or however you describe the process, finding one s own personal truth and a connection … see full wiki

Author: Michaela Sefler
Publisher: Red Lead Press
1 review about TO SUMMON ANGELS: the metaphysical
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To Summon Angels

  • Jul 26, 2010
The spiritual journey, the path to self, opening to the great unknown, connecting to God...

Whatever you call it or however you describe the process, finding one's own personal truth and a connection to something more than oneself is the most challenging and most valuable treasure of a lifetime. Sometimes, there is deep yearning and a feeling that a hole exists that needs to be filled. Other times, the joy is right there waiting for us to grasp. Throughout, the lessons are difficult to work through because we can't quite understand the purpose at the time and are unwilling to just let go.

To Summon Angels feels familiar and full of comfort, like a dear friend walking beside me as I make the trek. The poems created images in my mind. They reminded me of my own steps and miss steps. I found myself reading the words and then contemplating for a time.                 


The Constellation

of Omens

The Signs of the End of the



Deborah Simpson

ISBN # 978-0-578-00940-7


The Constellation of Omens is a wonderful account, of humanity’s

place in light of a spiritual existence and a creator. While explaining religious theology, Deborah adds a personal account and insight regarding our journey and describing our experiences in light of a higher God who is merciful and omnipotent. Debora describes man’s endeavours in light of morality and development in relation to higher existence. Outlining actual happenings in the world and describing action and consequence, she allows the reader to understand that there is such a thing as effect and outcome rooted in  a divine plan. As we read on we begin to understand that we must heed to events and natural disasters as prophecies or as the title describes omens. With great detail Debora describes actual consequence within our  society and civilization "of the”end of time” …. I was fascinated with the steps that she has outlined, explaining society and its effect on our development. As a metaphysical poet I identified with

 the spiritual and prophetic descriptions  and vivid imagery of the time of redemption, and found this book to be a hopeful account of the existence of a wise  all powerfull creator.


I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand in detail

the gap and reconciliation of our human existence and soul ideal.




January 22, 2009: REVIEW OF THE DAWNING OF POWER by Brian Rathbone
Reviewed by Michaela Sefler , metaphysical poet.

Complete with imagination, and all the right metaphoric descriptions corresponding to many worlds,
the Dawning of power brought me to a place where my own
spiritual conflicts are played out and resolved. From a Metaphysical perspective
it has all the ingredients of ancient archetypes, imagination, and ideals.
Beautiful imagery and vivid description
of a life lived,
far from grasp yet so familiar.


The Angel Hunter By J Leary Review by Michaela Sefler (author of healing tree)by michaela_sefler

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November 20, 2008: THE ANGEL HUNTER
Reviewed by Michaela Sefler

The Angel Hunter had me mesmerized, as I was glued to my chair reading this novel.
It is filled with the suspense of a cleverly written tale that interplays between the life of a beautiful woman that is intelligent and wealthy, a Nazi plot and a heavenly realm of angels and daemons. This book is woven with supernatural suspense relating all the while to ancient concepts of spirituality.

From a metaphysical perspective I enjoyed the references to a more perfect state that is beyond human grasp, and felt Victoria?s agony for losing her sons, a heartfelt account of motherhood and loss, her hope and despair alluding to redemption.

I was enthralled by the suspense filled plot and was touched by the references to an angelic reality.
As a poet I was intrigued by Victoria? s struggle and triumph, and identified with the dark night of the soul believing that redemption
will follow.
J A Leary did a great job combining such elements.

Max and the Gatekeeper (Paperback)

by James Todd Cochrane ,


Max and the gatekeeper, is a beautifully written story, I was glued to pages as I let Todd Cochrane unravels

with great imagination, a young boy's adventure into his grandfather's house to a the magical world through

a gateway to new worlds.

As Max and his friend discover the gateway, they begin to understand the mystery and danger of life attempting to reconcile

reconcile as they transverse through the gateway, to worlds beyond. As Max our hero, unravels a wonderful plot, Todd 

Cocrane touches upon adolescent curiosity and interest through imaginative and interesting constructs. I was

well entertained reading this book and would recommend it to the warrior in every teen.



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Light and darkness, love and war

and in between is forgiveness forevermore

as the silent night and the still blue lake

is my regret.

Answer come and answers go

But I hold on still

Remembering that all is within

Me and you forever feel.

Our own responses appease and protect

Peace and in light of it all

Realizing still that it must be

For a moment I can see eternity

So regret wont show the way

Resolve will carry me through the day

And returning to me are the waves

That once broke upon the shores.

Leaving the pear the boats at sunrise

Returning again As storms surround

Awakening the night.

Shrugging off the fright

Appeasing are the sights by morning light,

Colourful raindrops against the sun

Returning the hopes

By noon. The sun will warm.


Every reason to believe,

Time lost, and I am still here

As the earth is still turning7

I am sure of the love found

As another day ,

My hopes upheld,

As night takes over,

I am brave.

The sun in the distance,

Haze covering


Nothing passing me by

As the world turns around,

The winds by me return,

And I hope.

Nothing will I remember,

If not the love


Reflecting on today

Leaning upon, you still,

The tree , before my eyes gives me hope

Revive me so my spirit returns

Tell me how Before I go.

how Did I forget a moment I?

a moment I did see.

Climbing up the mountain,

The bground strengthening my feet

holding on, this great long ride

another moment to defeat

As I reflect upon you.

Aspiring, as the sun’s red hue,

The crown, in creation I see.

As the heavens call upon you.

I follow, I wait,

Awaiting, as the trees will stand,

still reminding is providence,

afraid I am to make a stand.

Of our eternal ties.

And how can I hurry,

If nothing is,

As a storm forming

Is the light you show,

I must await, until the skies are clear,

Reflection, as tranquil waters will flow,

The sun fiery all around,

As auspicious, clouds still follow,

Covering up clear hopes,

A break in day,

As my fear concealing,

As you are far still,

Yet clear will be the horizon.

Universal laws,

Inherent in creation,

And I whisper your name

A fleeting moment is my love.





The tree stands still in the desert night,

the moonlight reflects upon it,

as vision inviting,

the stars surround.


is nature’s call,

relating is the soul,

through nature’s wonders.

The senses of man

as gates to the eternal,

nature a portal

to the divine.

Life form,

inspiring the soul,

parts making a whole,

uniting a goal.

Stillness as night falls,

solitude of being,

depth of beauty,


And he apprehends

as the eagle soars,

in unison all parts are one

nature recalls, stillness of the flowing brook.



Devotion, silence,

awaiting through the hour,

four aces, court cards representing,

admirable intelligence.

Energy and truthfulness,

enlightened expectation,

are the kings and knights,

illuminating in soft blue.


determination through the night,

are the queens

sanctifying in crimson.

Silence and devotion to the great work,

remembering in peaceful repose,

emperors are mediating influence,

in pink rose.

Brilliance through the hour,

the night has finally turned to light,

as mentors from old,

showing ancient right.




Court cards,

the prince of chariots of fire,

Cancer in Virgo, is in Leo,  Pisces in Aries,

lightening in Scorpio and Sagittarius.

The courtyard, allowing,

as tests of time unwind,


attestations anew.

Bestowal and interconnectedness,

heavens and earth,


events in time, reminding.

Providence from above, fire, water,

heavens on earth,

the kings will summon,

the land will bring forth.

Court cards, four suits alternating

illuminating, Sanctions from old,

in life relating,

possibility as good as gold.




New beginnings,

from not,

magic as alchemy,

blending of the sources.

In the highest heavens, established,

freeing spirit and matter,

on the earthly realm,


As iron bringing value to a matter,

four corners exist,

gold and silver remain,


Through noble eight fold path, up keeping,

Olympic spirits, triumphant,

eight planets, shade from the blast of creation,

generating new beginnings from not.

Unfolding from the first utterance of creation,

as jewels enthral,

as lights igniting,

through the ages generating peace and hope.



Remembering you

as images in time, surround,

on a spectrum of possibilities,

are hopes and dreams found.

As paths chosen, paths will cross

in each moment in time, I remember my love,

as a beam of light is the love warming,

beginnings of creation in you.

Moments lost and won, one path leading me back

through the earth is grounding,

corresponding and relating,

through constructs ancient, I recall.

As male and female create

as gems are formed, the earth beautiful

wonders of nature, mesmerize

hoping in you as inspiration is elating.

Harmonious recounts of eternity,

we relate,

undaunted, as the queen of swords,


my love and yours

is a fortress in time.


As the colors blend to form,

as in gemstone old,

the rains wash away the leaves,

in me the road will merge.

As resolve returns,

in a moment crystal clear,

time will mend,

one life within.

Remerging into a new day.

as we are one, we are true,

one whole, complete entity allowing,

as life unfolds.

As many paths are still open

as resolve completes

responses still creating,

as reaching a higher light.

Higher and higher,

deeper into passages in time,

blending as cave walls bronze,

giving coherence as structures hold.

Surrounding me as walls still hold,

willing me once more,

a new abode,


Alignment of all aspects,

body and soul, and the world around,

nature marvellous,

all around me.

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