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In this compilation Michaela transcends beyond and retells her discovery of a world of harmony and elation.

Healing of body through meditation as she merges feelings with soul light.

Relating her own inspiration of ancient doctrines,

and reaching new horizons the poems inspire us to feel and apprehend.

Using ancient body and spirit correspondence system the poems remind us of the healing

power from within.

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In this compilation Michaela brings to light ancient knowledge to highlight diversity of creation.

From the birds to the lions, from the lotus flower to the elm tree, nature recalls of the wonders and glory of creation.

From the summer solstice to the long winter nights, Michaela’s poetry attests to the beauty of the universe and the intricate

workings of all living creatures. Using Ancient cabalistic correspondence system and writings from ancient civilizations,

Michaela vividly attests to the essential significance of the role of ancient studies in the appreciation of nature.




In this compilation Michaela describes paths to enlightenment, and the

constructs they represent. As the shining stars remind of the chariot in

the heavens, we ourselves begin to understand we are vehicles of light.

Planets and Stars, Chariots in the Heavens describes the way to

achieving healing of body through self-awareness, recognizing and

integrating all life forms.


“I just never seem to take the time to read poetry anyone. I sometimes

forget how wonderful a well-written poem makes me feel. After

reading Michaela Sefler’s latest anthology of poems I am reminded of

that feeling of a deep resonation with spirit, the kind that both inspires

and ignites passion.”

Tami Brady, TCM Reviews


  In this compilation Michaela uses ancient number

correspondence to relate an esoteric narration of

soul descending into earthy endeavors. From the creative

force and spiritual enlightenment of Neptune and Uranus to

man’s inspiration on earth, numbers denote possibility.

Michaela inspires us through poetic  contemplation

and engages our attention through aesthetic verse.


In this compilation, Michaela enlightens us with ancient concepts

and spiritual truths, creating a magical reality that describes man’s

spiritual journey through soul expression and paths to enlightenment.

She uses ancient transcendental constructs to describe in detail

the rich reality of soul journey and alludes to ancient archetypes,

as guiding forces in the quest to mindfulness and awareness.




Inspired by esoteric writings, Michaela conveys soul expression and

highlights aspects of man’s journey as perceived and expressed

through the creative force. Esoteric in nature, the poems

highlight existential issues with metaphysical answers, drawing

inspiration from ancient archetypes and creation, from purely  esoteric expressions to elaborate metaphysical explorations.

publishamerica: 1-301-695-1707




Seven Days

Seven Days conveys a message of hope through poetry that touches

upon higher ideals.  Michaela relates such concepts as love, unity,

survival, and meaning  while combining elements of

transcendental existence with nature and the plight of mankind.

Published with Redlead Books.

tel: 1-412-288-4543


TO SUMON ANGELS the metaphysical.

In this compilation, Michaela attempts to merge feelings and hopes with

spirituality of the ages. Inspired by ancient esoteric knowledge, she

highlights various aspects in our spiritual reality, inspiring us to believe

and reach a higher consciousness.


To order from Redleadbooks : 1-800-834-1803



HEALING TREE by Michaela Sefler with Innercircle Publishing. In this compilation, Michaela presents a series of poems that convey healing as a mystical state supported by an ancient system of faith and understanding, describing belief in a creator as the root essence of our existence.She describes nature and spirituality as interconnected to contain a reality where possibility is actual . She draws on ancient Qabbalistic knowledge,the poems are Inspired by esoteric work and knowledge, and are illustrated with symbols to enlighten the reader.


INNERCIRCLE Publishing 1-509-895-9023 or Ingram International






SEVEN STARS with InnerCircle Publishing. Inspired by ancient writings, Michaela attempts once more to enliven the reader, with esoteric poetry inspired by ancient writings . She attempts to convey a message of continuity and hope for survival of body
and soul. She describes life and creation as supported and upheld by a creator,
and inspires us to behold and believe, since understanding is a passage for success and accomplishment. Describing Novelty and innovation as being rooted in nature and creation, she relates man's plight as one with his surroundings and God.  


FROM INNERCIRCLE Publishing 1-509-895-9023 or Ingram International





 Through the Ages, a Compilation of Inspirational Poetry, published by PublishAmerica. Michaela draws on her spirituality once again, to reflect inspiration drawn from the ancient writings. She expresses a thirst and desire for knowledge, transcendence, and a longing for unity and completion. In this book, she conveys desires, hopes, and pain as legitimate means for forgiveness and deliverance. She expresses a longing for a redeemer, and a perfect hero and alludes to biblical figures as such personas and archetypes in our lives.

Publishamerica:       1-301-695-1707



In he Sun Is Hot  published with Publishamerica, Michaela draws on ancient mysticism to highlight higher concepts of ideals, salvation and redemption. Inspired by the ancient mystical

 book of formation, the poems highlight the power of faith, perseverance, love and virtue and am guided by the signs of the zodiac and other mystical constructs.Publishamerica:       1-301-695-1707   ingram international











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Light and darkness, love and war

and in between is forgiveness forevermore

as the silent night and the still blue lake

is my regret.

Answer come and answers go

But I hold on still

Remembering that all is within

Me and you forever feel.

Our own responses appease and protect

Peace and in light of it all

Realizing still that it must be

For a moment I can see eternity

So regret wont show the way

Resolve will carry me through the day

And returning to me are the waves

That once broke upon the shores.

Leaving the pear the boats at sunrise

Returning again As storms surround

Awakening the night.

Shrugging off the fright

Appeasing are the sights by morning light,

Colourful raindrops against the sun

Returning the hopes

By noon. The sun will warm.


Every reason to believe,

Time lost, and I am still here

As the earth is still turning7

I am sure of the love found

As another day ,

My hopes upheld,

As night takes over,

I am brave.

The sun in the distance,

Haze covering


Nothing passing me by

As the world turns around,

The winds by me return,

And I hope.

Nothing will I remember,

If not the love


Reflecting on today

Leaning upon, you still,

The tree , before my eyes gives me hope

Revive me so my spirit returns

Tell me how Before I go.

how Did I forget a moment I?

a moment I did see.

Climbing up the mountain,

The bground strengthening my feet

holding on, this great long ride

another moment to defeat

As I reflect upon you.

Aspiring, as the sun’s red hue,

The crown, in creation I see.

As the heavens call upon you.

I follow, I wait,

Awaiting, as the trees will stand,

still reminding is providence,

afraid I am to make a stand.

Of our eternal ties.

And how can I hurry,

If nothing is,

As a storm forming

Is the light you show,

I must await, until the skies are clear,

Reflection, as tranquil waters will flow,

The sun fiery all around,

As auspicious, clouds still follow,

Covering up clear hopes,

A break in day,

As my fear concealing,

As you are far still,

Yet clear will be the horizon.

Universal laws,

Inherent in creation,

And I whisper your name

A fleeting moment is my love.





The tree stands still in the desert night,

the moonlight reflects upon it,

as vision inviting,

the stars surround.


is nature’s call,

relating is the soul,

through nature’s wonders.

The senses of man

as gates to the eternal,

nature a portal

to the divine.

Life form,

inspiring the soul,

parts making a whole,

uniting a goal.

Stillness as night falls,

solitude of being,

depth of beauty,


And he apprehends

as the eagle soars,

in unison all parts are one

nature recalls, stillness of the flowing brook.



Devotion, silence,

awaiting through the hour,

four aces, court cards representing,

admirable intelligence.

Energy and truthfulness,

enlightened expectation,

are the kings and knights,

illuminating in soft blue.


determination through the night,

are the queens

sanctifying in crimson.

Silence and devotion to the great work,

remembering in peaceful repose,

emperors are mediating influence,

in pink rose.

Brilliance through the hour,

the night has finally turned to light,

as mentors from old,

showing ancient right.




Court cards,

the prince of chariots of fire,

Cancer in Virgo, is in Leo,  Pisces in Aries,

lightening in Scorpio and Sagittarius.

The courtyard, allowing,

as tests of time unwind,


attestations anew.

Bestowal and interconnectedness,

heavens and earth,


events in time, reminding.

Providence from above, fire, water,

heavens on earth,

the kings will summon,

the land will bring forth.

Court cards, four suits alternating

illuminating, Sanctions from old,

in life relating,

possibility as good as gold.




New beginnings,

from not,

magic as alchemy,

blending of the sources.

In the highest heavens, established,

freeing spirit and matter,

on the earthly realm,


As iron bringing value to a matter,

four corners exist,

gold and silver remain,


Through noble eight fold path, up keeping,

Olympic spirits, triumphant,

eight planets, shade from the blast of creation,

generating new beginnings from not.

Unfolding from the first utterance of creation,

as jewels enthral,

as lights igniting,

through the ages generating peace and hope.



Remembering you

as images in time, surround,

on a spectrum of possibilities,

are hopes and dreams found.

As paths chosen, paths will cross

in each moment in time, I remember my love,

as a beam of light is the love warming,

beginnings of creation in you.

Moments lost and won, one path leading me back

through the earth is grounding,

corresponding and relating,

through constructs ancient, I recall.

As male and female create

as gems are formed, the earth beautiful

wonders of nature, mesmerize

hoping in you as inspiration is elating.

Harmonious recounts of eternity,

we relate,

undaunted, as the queen of swords,


my love and yours

is a fortress in time.


As the colors blend to form,

as in gemstone old,

the rains wash away the leaves,

in me the road will merge.

As resolve returns,

in a moment crystal clear,

time will mend,

one life within.

Remerging into a new day.

as we are one, we are true,

one whole, complete entity allowing,

as life unfolds.

As many paths are still open

as resolve completes

responses still creating,

as reaching a higher light.

Higher and higher,

deeper into passages in time,

blending as cave walls bronze,

giving coherence as structures hold.

Surrounding me as walls still hold,

willing me once more,

a new abode,


Alignment of all aspects,

body and soul, and the world around,

nature marvellous,

all around me.

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