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Dr. Aaron Benjamin Laird

BOOK REVIEW by Michaela
Author of Back to the Garden
Back to the Garden: New Age thoughts by Michaela

In this collection of poetry we get an insightful glimpse into Aarons mind, as we see moments inspired by an existence filled with a simple bright vision of moments felt and moments gone by.

When I read Aaron's Collection of Poems Blue Lightening I think of vision and will. The book is filled with bright and bittersweet verses, and I am reminded of a quest for discovery and insight, as each moment and each poem if full metaphoric comparisons to an honest light of the truth seeker. I am reminded of truthful sadness woven in a lighthearted verse, as together merging in hope and creativity in dynamic pros.

I enjoyed blue lightening and would recommend this book

here is a poem spring breeze

Spring Breeze

I came upon a spring breeze,
it blew me up past the trees,
as I looked down I saw my,
life pass before my eyes,
while I flew through the,
otherwise empty skies,
a bird flew ever near,
this bird I did not fear,
it was large enough to lift me,
my guardian angel I deem thee,
it dropped me in a nearby park,
I hit a tree and rubbed off some bark,
what a day to survive, surely if this,
had happened to another, person, they
would not have come out alive.

BOOK REVIEW by Michaela

Author of Back to the Garden by americastarbooks

Balance Your Life Path Numerology by Shaman Vitki

In balance your life path numerology, Shaman Vitki outlines, the main energy traits of numbers and explains how they correspond to the individual, the human psyche and spiritual development.

He develops these traits clearly which allows the reader to visualize their own journey and steps towards excellence and realize that numerology is a feasible tool in understanding self.

Much like astrology, he explains the calculations that pertain to your own birth dates and channels you to specific numbers that will guide your development.

These numbers are vital to the souls path, and we are to meditate upon them in our daily quest. He breaks down dates to derive, life numbers which are the leading force of our development.

He leads us to understand that each number contains its own spiritual force and influences our own development and leads us to the master numbers which pertain to our higher calling.

I would certainly contemplate upon these numbers and correlate them to my own

Spiritual journey, especially meditating on the challenges and positive aspects

that each derived number represents.

If you are a beginner and would like a clear and basic understanding of numerology and

Soul quest development I would recommend Shaman Vitki life path through numerology,

both as a basic guide to understanding numbers and as a beginners manual to deriving you own personal life numbers.

BOOK REVIEW by Michaela, AN AWAKENING by Suzanne Helene Hosang

Suzanne Hosang website

An Awakening is available on Amazon

Michaela is a metaphysical writer, book reviewer and host of the poetry music and transcendence show

An Awakening is a wonderful guide that brings to light the timeless concept of the channeling our awareness of our own spiritual existence by being open to the higher guidance of the cosmos, meaning that we are able to transcend beyond our own doubts and become in tuned with our own greatness and spiritual potential. In this book Suzanne highlights this unique vibration, through her own experience and insight into the importance of forgiveness through awareness of the higher self.

Allowing us to touch upon our own ideals, and seek guidance through the wisdom of the higher conscious, Suzanne gives attention to our own uniqueness while drawing attention to the possible hurdles that stand in our way. She urges us to face our own shame and forgive our own failures through specific techniques and meditations. I was touched with the genuine energy with which she pulls us through personal experience and grappling from her own journey. Through the stage of resolution we re able to see through the new age prism of age old techniques and her own innovative approach, to creating a brighter reality. Letting us ask important questions about risks ,effort and probability, we begin to see the light and conceive of charting our own soul journey. What I enjoyed about An Awakening is the warm personal manner with which she Suzanne reminds us of our own calling through guides and archetypes that await to guide our journey. Through her explanation of the unseen world she lets us understand through her own insight the omnipotent nature of creation with great respect to natural rhythms and the cause and effect grid of creation, teaching us to believe or own gifts and potential for change.

This is a easy to read guide to these ever existing vibrations that underlie the spiritual journey of the warrior.






By  Michaela Sefler   Metaphysical Poet 


Reading sand and soul made me think, of a torrid love affair of the heavens and earth, that touches the lives of man.  In this mixture of short stories and verse Dan Rosenhagen touches upon the mystical and mysterious part of our psyche. The spiritual quest and our own curiosity is quenched in this wonderful book where dreams and aspirations even curiosity mingles with the beauty and wonders of nature.

As creation holds a key to life’s mysteries Dan’s book engages us to appreciate the beauty of our own spiritual quest as we encounter  our own mysteries. With insight into

our own  questions and doubts this book engages our imagination and fills that void with beautiful insight and poetic inspiration.


Her beauty touched the sensitivity of his eyes.

Slender she was, her curving figure stemmed into a delicately radiant facial blossom, only known to be seen in orchids’ petal and the wings of butterflies.

Passions limbs stretch, they reach desperately reaching, rooted in hearts desire’s chamber, branching into and beyond the clouds of soul’s skies. In time they will bare fruits; the birthing of trust, the rearing of compassion, dedicated faith, the tender loving of life and the yearning of freedom.

Her emotions were seen through eye’s windows, perched there on spiraling edge’s, unfolding in graduations from one grade to the next, endless degrees of depth revolving, evolving in revolution, traversing twisting circles without conclusions, only to start again from different perspectives of its living coil.

Seeing this, her beauty then touched the sensitivity of his heart. 


Dan Rosenhagen;









Eternal Law

Philosophy of the Soul



Dan Rosenhagen


Reviewed by Michaela Sefler metaphysical poet                                                                                  

ETERNAL LAW is a gem, it includes a thought provocative compilation from a writer who shows

 the sensitivity of the artist,the eyes of the seer, and the heart of a child,.Eternal law teaches us to see the world through the perfect eyes of eternal law. It describes the wonderful rhythm of love and life, the incredible wonder of creation.  In a mix of poetry, short stories and teachings , we are given the opportunity  to see through Dan's incredible insight into human nature and the life of the soul. As universal law calms the living with wisdom and eternal justice, we understand that life has purpose, as Dan walks  us through a beautiful garden of life and love.As a metaphysical poet and a reviewer of metaphysical titles, I was inspired by the beauty of Dan’s verses as he attests to exquisiteness of the world around him, and shares with us valuable lessons  of the warrior,  I recommend this book as a source of inspiration especially for metaphysical meditations and light work .

This excerpt  from Eternal Law describes  my own theory on the perfecting and rejuvenating aspect of eternal law.


"I meditate inward and reflect what is infinite, and know I am whole.

And I see the vastness of the oceans........But I know that it will rain down onto the oceans, and

it’s purity will enhance that from which it came, completing the

cycle of life’s eternal law."    Dan Rosenhagen 















Beyond the garden of the soul is about personal insights of life’s  eternal lessons,  we are touched with  inspiring verse of hopeful moments still, in this book. Warm and insightful, this book hits home, as I am inspired by writings that keeps us hopeful, while  inspiring us to believe with such esoteric and intriguing verse.  As we are masters of our fates, Dan’s poetry attests that our vital role in our own progress . As I read through these verses I am touched by the sensitivity of the writings as questions about creation are addressed through acknowledgement of the light.  Dan expresses a genuine curiosity and comes to terms with the beauty of creation,  through delightfully written poetic verse.

As he writes,  I am mesmerized,

``I am humbled at the notion of the challenges in life’s devotions.

Captains are we of our own destiny.

We must never forget that we are beings of fragility.

The reality of nobility is a worthy possibility.``

I will recommend Dan’s Rosenhagen`s work, for the

seeker of light     and anyone looking for his own noble beginnings existing in all of us as Dan attests.

Beyond the garden of the soul takes us beyond to a new level of understanding.











 INCLINATION David Harrington

Inclinations touches upon that wondrous part of us that longs for an explanation to the mysteries of creation, divinity and spiritual existence.  With short stories that enlighten us  he  lets us become aware of realms beyond that have touched mankind since the beginning of civilization. Harrington’s inclinations reaches a level of allegorical descriptions that reminds us of biblical prophecy. From a metaphysical perspective, these short stories touch upon real ancient archetypes,  and ancient lessons. This book was written, with creativity and  imagination  with alegorical explanations about the diversity of creation. As we attempt to understand our own skeletons, and our own questions about creation, David claryfies for us in a style that is prophetic the intricate makeup of the psyche. I enjoyed the metaphysical elements and  references to ancient studies.

"Light is the first essence of creation - And with light

comes the passing of time.

Gravity is the second essence of creation - And with

gravity the movement of Spirit.

Form is the third essence of creation - And with form

comes the passing of shadows: The Seven Builders of the

Universe who carve out the rocks, forge the mountains and

lay the foundation of the earth."  DAVID HARRINGTON












January 22, 2009: REVIEW OF THE DAWNING OF POWER by Brian Rathbone
Reviewed by Michaela Sefler , metaphysical poet.

Complete with imagination, and all the right metaphoric descriptions corresponding to many worlds, 
the Dawning of power brought me to a place where my own 
spiritual conflicts are played out and resolved. From a Metaphysical perspective 
it has all the ingredients of ancient archetypes, imagination, and ideals.
Beautiful imagery and vivid description 
of a life lived,
far from grasp yet so familiar.


The Angel Hunter By J Leary Review by

Michaela Sefler by michaela_sefler

Reader Rating:



November 20, 2008: THE ANGEL HUNTER
Reviewed by Michaela Sefler

The Angel Hunter had me mesmerized, as I was glued to my chair reading this novel.
It is filled with the suspense of a cleverly written tale that interplays between the life of a beautiful woman that is intelligent and wealthy, a Nazi plot and a heavenly realm of angels and daemons. This book is woven with supernatural suspense relating all the while to ancient concepts of spirituality. 

From a metaphysical perspective I enjoyed the references to a more perfect state that is beyond human grasp, and felt Victoria?s agony for losing her sons, a heartfelt account of motherhood and loss, her hope and despair alluding to redemption.

I was enthralled by the suspense filled plot and was touched by the references to an angelic reality.
As a poet I was intrigued by Victoria? s struggle and triumph, and identified with the dark night of the soul believing that redemption 
will follow.
J A Leary did a great job combining such elements.

Max and the Gatekeeper (Paperback)



by James Todd Cochrane ,


Max and the gatekeeper, is a beautifully written story, I was glued to pages as I let Todd Cochrane unravels

with great imagination, a young boy's adventure into his grandfather's house to a the magical world through

a gateway to new worlds.

As Max and his friend discover the gateway, they begin to understand the mystery and danger of life attempting to reconcile

reconcile as they transverse through the gateway, to worlds beyond. As Max our hero, unravels a wonderful plot, Todd 

Cocrane touches upon adolescent curiosity and interest through imaginative and interesting constructs. I was

well entertained reading this book and would recommend it to the warrior in every teen.


The Constellation

of Omens

The Signs of the End of the



Deborah Simpson

ISBN # 978-0-578-00940-7


The Constellation of Omens is a wonderful account, of humanity’s

place in light of a spiritual existence and a creator. While explaining religious theology, Deborah adds a personal account and insight regarding our journey and describing our experiences in light of a higher God who is merciful and omnipotent. Debora describes man’s endeavours in light of morality and development in relation to higher existence. Outlining actual happenings in the world and describing action and consequence, she allows the reader to understand that there is such a thing as effect and outcome rooted in  a divine plan. As we read on we begin to understand that we must heed to events and natural disasters as prophecies or as the title describes omens. With great detail Debora describes actual consequence within our  society and civilization "of the”end of time” …. I was fascinated with the steps that she has outlined, explaining society and its effect on our development. As a metaphysical poet I identified with

 the spiritual and prophetic descriptions  and vivid imagery of the time of redemption, and found this book to be a hopeful account of the existence of a wise  all powerfull creator.


I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand in detail

the gap and reconciliation of our human existence and soul ideal.


Michaela Sefler metaphysical poet










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Light and darkness, love and war

and in between is forgiveness forevermore

as the silent night and the still blue lake

is my regret.

Answer come and answers go

But I hold on still

Remembering that all is within

Me and you forever feel.

Our own responses appease and protect

Peace and in light of it all

Realizing still that it must be

For a moment I can see eternity

So regret wont show the way

Resolve will carry me through the day

And returning to me are the waves

That once broke upon the shores.

Leaving the pear the boats at sunrise

Returning again As storms surround

Awakening the night.

Shrugging off the fright

Appeasing are the sights by morning light,

Colourful raindrops against the sun

Returning the hopes

By noon. The sun will warm.


Every reason to believe,

Time lost, and I am still here

As the earth is still turning7

I am sure of the love found

As another day ,

My hopes upheld,

As night takes over,

I am brave.

The sun in the distance,

Haze covering


Nothing passing me by

As the world turns around,

The winds by me return,

And I hope.

Nothing will I remember,

If not the love


Reflecting on today

Leaning upon, you still,

The tree , before my eyes gives me hope

Revive me so my spirit returns

Tell me how Before I go.

how Did I forget a moment I?

a moment I did see.

Climbing up the mountain,

The bground strengthening my feet

holding on, this great long ride

another moment to defeat

As I reflect upon you.

Aspiring, as the sun’s red hue,

The crown, in creation I see.

As the heavens call upon you.

I follow, I wait,

Awaiting, as the trees will stand,

still reminding is providence,

afraid I am to make a stand.

Of our eternal ties.

And how can I hurry,

If nothing is,

As a storm forming

Is the light you show,

I must await, until the skies are clear,

Reflection, as tranquil waters will flow,

The sun fiery all around,

As auspicious, clouds still follow,

Covering up clear hopes,

A break in day,

As my fear concealing,

As you are far still,

Yet clear will be the horizon.

Universal laws,

Inherent in creation,

And I whisper your name

A fleeting moment is my love.





The tree stands still in the desert night,

the moonlight reflects upon it,

as vision inviting,

the stars surround.


is nature’s call,

relating is the soul,

through nature’s wonders.

The senses of man

as gates to the eternal,

nature a portal

to the divine.

Life form,

inspiring the soul,

parts making a whole,

uniting a goal.

Stillness as night falls,

solitude of being,

depth of beauty,


And he apprehends

as the eagle soars,

in unison all parts are one

nature recalls, stillness of the flowing brook.



Devotion, silence,

awaiting through the hour,

four aces, court cards representing,

admirable intelligence.

Energy and truthfulness,

enlightened expectation,

are the kings and knights,

illuminating in soft blue.


determination through the night,

are the queens

sanctifying in crimson.

Silence and devotion to the great work,

remembering in peaceful repose,

emperors are mediating influence,

in pink rose.

Brilliance through the hour,

the night has finally turned to light,

as mentors from old,

showing ancient right.




Court cards,

the prince of chariots of fire,

Cancer in Virgo, is in Leo,  Pisces in Aries,

lightening in Scorpio and Sagittarius.

The courtyard, allowing,

as tests of time unwind,


attestations anew.

Bestowal and interconnectedness,

heavens and earth,


events in time, reminding.

Providence from above, fire, water,

heavens on earth,

the kings will summon,

the land will bring forth.

Court cards, four suits alternating

illuminating, Sanctions from old,

in life relating,

possibility as good as gold.




New beginnings,

from not,

magic as alchemy,

blending of the sources.

In the highest heavens, established,

freeing spirit and matter,

on the earthly realm,


As iron bringing value to a matter,

four corners exist,

gold and silver remain,


Through noble eight fold path, up keeping,

Olympic spirits, triumphant,

eight planets, shade from the blast of creation,

generating new beginnings from not.

Unfolding from the first utterance of creation,

as jewels enthral,

as lights igniting,

through the ages generating peace and hope.



Remembering you

as images in time, surround,

on a spectrum of possibilities,

are hopes and dreams found.

As paths chosen, paths will cross

in each moment in time, I remember my love,

as a beam of light is the love warming,

beginnings of creation in you.

Moments lost and won, one path leading me back

through the earth is grounding,

corresponding and relating,

through constructs ancient, I recall.

As male and female create

as gems are formed, the earth beautiful

wonders of nature, mesmerize

hoping in you as inspiration is elating.

Harmonious recounts of eternity,

we relate,

undaunted, as the queen of swords,


my love and yours

is a fortress in time.


As the colors blend to form,

as in gemstone old,

the rains wash away the leaves,

in me the road will merge.

As resolve returns,

in a moment crystal clear,

time will mend,

one life within.

Remerging into a new day.

as we are one, we are true,

one whole, complete entity allowing,

as life unfolds.

As many paths are still open

as resolve completes

responses still creating,

as reaching a higher light.

Higher and higher,

deeper into passages in time,

blending as cave walls bronze,

giving coherence as structures hold.

Surrounding me as walls still hold,

willing me once more,

a new abode,


Alignment of all aspects,

body and soul, and the world around,

nature marvellous,

all around me.

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